Wireless and Mobility

WiFiRV is a premier service provider for wireless high-speed Internet access.  It has WiFi “Hot Spots” located in RV Resorts, RV Parks, and Campgrounds across the United States, Mexico, and Canada, allowing travelers visiting these properties to access the Internet.  WiFiLand, LLP d/b/a WiFiRV has been in operation since June of 2002 with over 800 deployments in operation.

WiFiRV - Out of the Thin Air...


IPTV and Internet Video

A recent survey of 475 broadcast, telco and media firm executives confirmed that 73% believe that IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) will be generating "significant revenues" within three years. Each has their own perspective on how such revenues can be achieved. Dramatically new business partnerships will be required. No single player has all the pieces to provide such services. Thus, the cast of players needed to make this a reality is large and diverse.

Portfolio members include:

Interactive WiFi TV Solutions - currently in stealth mode.

WiFiLand.net has a video publishing platform that makes it easy for property owners to integrate user-generated video into a website and create a video channel from scratch.